Digital Papers – Slate Blue & White Patterns


Discover the elegance of Slate Blue & White Patterns with our Digital Papers collection. This digital download features 20 sheets, each measuring 12×12 inches, in JPEG format with a high resolution of 300dpi. The serene color palette of slate blue and white serves as the backdrop for a variety of captivating patterns, including polka dots, chevron, damask, and stripes. Perfect for scrapbooking, digital art, and design projects, these papers offer a sophisticated touch to your creative endeavors.

What You Will Receive: 

  • Downloadable .zip file housing:
    • 20 Sheets in JPEG Format.
  • This is an instant download, available right after your purchase is complete.
  • Please note, as a digital item, no physical product will be shipped. 


Immerse yourself in the timeless charm of our Digital Papers – Slate Blue & White Patterns. This digital download offers 20 exquisite sheets, each measuring 12×12 inches and available in JPEG format with a superior resolution of 300dpi. The color palette is a sophisticated blend of slate blue and white, providing a versatile canvas for your creative endeavors. Every sheet introduces a unique pattern, from classic polka dots to elegant damask and contemporary chevron, ensuring a diverse and stylish collection for your design projects.

Key Features:

  • Digital download
  • 20 sheets
  • 12×12 inches
  • JPEG format
  • 300dpi
  • Slate blue and white color palette
  • Various patterns: polka dots, chevron, damask, stripes

Enhance your digital creations with the refined beauty of Slate Blue & White Patterns. Download this versatile collection of digital papers now and unlock endless design possibilities.